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      2. USUN Fine Chemical Products Limited
          中文版 English  

        R&D and Production:
        Production Strictly Follow Customer’s Process
        Process Development For Industrialization
        Process Design and Innovation
        Analytical Methods Development and Validation

        Proactive Search Engine for the Right Chinese Producers:
        Identify the "Most Suitable Chinese Producers" for Customer's need;
        Pre-Audit Visit Report - Before Customer to Invest in Audit
        Technical Assistance with regard to Production, QC, QA and HSE to existing producers for the compliance with Customer’s requirements;
        Total Quality Control with Customer's Release Protocol;
        Professional Service for Finance, Logistics and Documentation;
        Long Term Supply Agreement, Risk Evaluation and Management, Consignment Stock For Long Term Reliability;
        Warehousing Services for Specialty Chemicals

        Value Points:
        Quotation based on a given process: Within 3 working days.
        Professional Database, SOP, well educated team with long term experience.
        Seamlessly transfer from R&D to Production.
        Strive to do it "Right for the First Time", and "Right Each Time".
        Reliability with Simplicity: Streamlined Procedures from CDA to Project Completion;
        4.Long term reliability
        15 years continued service in the Chinese Industries with solid reputation.
        With full respect to the IP, carefully.
        Flexibility and Openness in creating business solutions tailored to customer’s need.