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      2. USUN Fine Chemical Products Limited
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        Sourcing Capabilities

        Our Database:
        • Self-Designed to assure the Speed, Consistency, Punctuality and Competitiveness in managing the sourcing and supply of a large number of molecules at all time.
        • Handles all our company tasks, and contains the complete data of our continued diligent sourcing activities since the very beginning of our foundation in 1996
        • >19000 molecules, >9000 vendors, >13000 specification sheets are documented in our database as on Jan 2016
        • Every Molecule, Spec Sheet, Packing Requirement, Vendor, Every Corresponding are uniquely numbered to ensure traceability, continuity and fast allocation
        • All relevant technical and regulatory documentation are captured and stored in a way for fast access.

        Our Sourcing Team:
        • All holds college above degrees in Chemical or Chemical Related Majors
        • Long term dedicated professionals well experienced in Chinese Industries
        • Honest & hard working with Ethic Code, has been working under “Open Book Policy” for many long term customers (on-going).

        Proactive Sourcing Service we provide for our customers:
        • Identify the “Most Suitable Chinese Producer” for Customer’s need;
        • Pre-Audit Visit Report – Before Customer to Invest in Audit
        • Technical Assistance with regard to Production, QC, QA and HSE to existing producers for the compliance with Customer’s regulatory requirements;
        • Pre-shipment Q.C. as per Customer’s Release Protocol
        • Professional Finance, Logistics and Documentation;
        • Long Term Continuity/Reliability Assurance by Long Term Supply Agreement, Risk Evaluation and Management, Consignment Stock.
        • Warehousing Services for Specialty Chemicals

        Support the Optimization of Custom-Production by:
        • Best available Key Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals;
        • Specialty technologies and equipments;
        • Waste Recovery/Recycling Service
        • Specialty Facilities and Sites.