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      2. USUN Fine Chemical Products Limited
          中文版 English  

        We are maintaining long term close partnership (>10 Years, continued & ongoing) with highly reputed production sites and service providers in China, for extended capabilities, capacities, scales and quality standards in our custom-production, with sustainability and cost-efficiency:

        IP & Confidentiality:
        • Work with customer’s permission, with full transparency assured at all time;
        • Same “Open Book Policy” under CDA and MSA.
        • Profound mutual respect & trust rooted in Long Term Cooperation (>10 Years)
        • Open for QA/HSE audits, cGMP/FDA approvable

        Extended Capabilities via Partnerships:
        • Production of cGMP Regulatory Intermediates and APIs;
        • Large Glass-Lined Reactors (10,000L)
        • Large Hydrogenation Reactors (5,000L)
        • Excessive production capacity
        • Extended Analytical Capabilities (Details see Analytical Capabilities).