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      2. USUN Fine Chemical Products Limited
          中文版 English  

        1996: “Usun Fine Chemical Products Limited” established to supply unique raw materials and intermediates to the Pharmaceutical Industries outside of China

        2001: Started the export of agrochemical products (Trade).

        2003: Started Custom-Synthesis business for Pharmaceutical Intermediates        

        2007: Established “AcceleDev R&D” (in Nanjing) for R&D in rented lab space

        2009: Launched fully owned R&D Site (1800sqm) for“AcceleDev R&D”

        2009: Established “SeaGate Chemical” (in Haimen) for production with rented facilities

        2012: Launched fully owned Kilo Labs (2500sqm) for “SeaGate Chemical”

        2012: Launched fully owned production facilities for “SeaGate Chemical”

        2013: “SeaGate Chemical” approved (EHS&QA) for the commercial production of c-GMP regulatory starting materials by world’s leading pharma.

        2015: Received from world’s leading pharma:

        • “Award For its commitment to the Supplier Excellence Process”

        • “R&D Excellence Award”